Friday, July 01, 2011

Fat Quarters

It seems to me that while I make a list of "things to do" in the summer, it's just that a list. It's not the law. Photoshop was not on my list but one thing led to another and there it was. Fat quarters are now on my list.

This morning I went to a "knit night" at a sewing shop Sew Much Fun In McMurray, PA. The owner is a knitter and has decided to stock yarn as well. I'll tell the truth about that place- and I'm an expert in this- it's cluttered. I think there is probably a lot of really cool stuff there sewing wise (the yarn wasn't out yet) but it was really difficult to wrap my mind around it- likely because I'm less familiar with the "genre"- someone with more knowledge than I might be able to make sense of the surroundings a little better. I didn't know what to look at.

The visit DID tickle the sewing part of my brain and the ever elusive quilting part- I get the idea of assembling the top but how does that turn into a quilt- that's where I struggle. Oh yes, I have a rotary cutter and some of the plastic measury things you need for such a project, and a "how to" book for beginners. I'm just lacking some skills.

I refrained from indulging.

Then I remembered that the Burg of Wayne actually has a quilt shop (I know- go figure) so I stopped there on my way home. The smaller more focused local shop was a little more manageable to my visual filter and the owner was as nice as could be. She told me about classes that would be offered in the fall and helped me find a little project for some practice sewing to tide me over until I learn stuff. This place is LESS THAN A MILE FROM MY HOME! As long as she offers night classes, I'm good to go with a new hobby and a person to go to for help.

The project I bought there is a little quilters travel case that would also be perfect for dpns. She says "just follow the directions." I tried to refrain from chuckling. But if I get confused, she's right there and she'll want to help me because then I'll buy stuff from her!

I read some directions and was a little intimidated so while at the annoying "W" store I saw that they sold fat quarters. I decided to pick some up to use as practice. Similar colors means no fiddling with the bobbin. There's also the matter of clearing off the work space that I have allowed to become horribly cluttered.

The "real" quarters are on the left, the fake ones are on the right-

Dog of Aunt of Sophanne may try to go home tomorrow and as far as I'm concerned, I've already had a full day, but look out Tuesday (assuming decluttering will take 2 days) because maybe I will make something.

Just in case you come here for knitting,

First up is the "downstairs" sock. So named because I knit it when we are downstairs and I need a break from the complicated. The yarn is from Stitchjones'. oh how I love her stuff. I forget the name of the colorway.

The "upstairs" sock also known as the "knit in bed" sock is Wildefoot with some number as opposed to color- let's call it Sage. Both use my favorite feeling broken rib sock pattern- one row of k1p1 and then a row of k3p3

The downstairs project that I sometimes need a break from is the Doublemassa from Charlene Schurch's Hat's On. If you have someone to knit a hat for and are o.k. with simple color work I can not recommend this book enough. I believe that in 100 years, it will be the book you'll be looking for because it's not in print anymore and it's the best hat book ever. Well, actually maybe you won't be looking for it but someone will. If you need a reason to get it, consider it an investment. It's gold. (totally unsolicited endorsement)

If you're unfamiliar with the construction and don't feel like clicking the link, what you should know is that the all black and about 4 inches of the color work is actually lining and roll it up on itself part at the forehead. This means 4x's the warmth around the forehead and ears. I'm doing this one in (big surprise) Elsbeth Lavold silky wool on size 4 needles. I tried making it once before without putting stitch markers between the larger pattern rounds and that was an error. Things are going much more smoothly now.

Holy too many words blog post batman- if you made it this far AND read the words, you are a better person than I am- thanks!


JelliDonut said...

O.K. I ordered Hat's On. Are you happy now?!?!?!

I made a couple of wall-hanging mini-quilt things as gifts, but never for myself. I hope I don't get the quilting bug back. If I do, it's your fault.

I plan to blame you for everything, btw.

Carrie K said...

Everything has a place though so how cluttered can it be? Cute socks!

Quilting is way fun. I've been contemplating making a nine patch bedspread.

Roxie said...

How long exactly have you been faire-isle knitting? I KNEW you'd be hooked!

And piecing is going to send you mad with joy. I make pieced and tied comforters. Wait till you discover strip piecing!