Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A New Business Plan

I won't go into details because one thing I don't like to do is complain on this blog. Everybody's got troubles. Mine aren't special or at all huge. The following describes the first 3 days at this year's vbro

As of this writing, the situation is vastly improved but suffice it to say that with temperatures in the 90+ degrees since Saturday, things got a little testy.

After taking a practice drive to the Philadelphia Airport-where Mr. Sophanne has to go Thursday morning to get the fam (which also served to cool our tempers and give the repairmen time to work) we returned to the rental hoping desperately rather than seething angrily. Not many can say that a drive to Philly at 4:30 in the afternoon is relaxing but there it is.

We got on our bikes, rode to downtown Avalon and ate at Nemo's. In my opinion it's the cheese that makes or breaks any given pizza place. I ordered the "Pizza Boli" (pizza stromboli) and really got a huge honking slab of italian like bread baked around some seriously awesome mozzarella cheese with a side order of some pizza sauce. Awesome mozzarella can make any day better.

The new business plan? VBRO POLICE FORCE.

T-1 day until the fun fam arrives!


Anonymous said...

I just pizza exactly the same way. Cheese is key; crust is next. Lucky for me I live in Wisconsin, where the cheese on EVERY pizza is perfect!

Cindy said...

The pizza broli sounds delish. The heat has been exhausting and does test one's good nature, doesn't it? Hope relief comes soon!!!!

Sunshine said...

Didn't this happen at last years VBRO? God bless air conditioning that works!

Roxie said...

If you did the VBRO in November, the heat would be less of a problem and the rent would be cheaper. :)