Thursday, July 07, 2011


while the garden was growing, I knit a giant clog to be felted. I started it yesterday afternoon and finished it this afternoon. It is the fibertrends pattern gifted to me many moons ago by Yarnhog. It's taken about 4 years to get over previous felting traumas and try it again. it didn't hurt that there was a perfect amount (I'm hoping) of wool to make these in the goodneighborMarilyn bag. It's a lot easier to accept failure with yarn your not particularly attached to.

laptop shown below for scale

There was a time in early knit night adventures when a young girl would come in seeking weekly help "in the next step" when making these. That and warnings of difficulty kept me away from trying. That'll teach me. Whether these actually felt the right way or not, this one looks like it's supposed to and the rest is up to chemistry.

I better get knitting before second-clog syndrome kicks in!


Sunshine said...

Very cool! I like it!

Roxie said...

Wool felt for the winter? Tres cozy!