Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's just leftover yarn

but it makes me crazy. Because I KNOW that 1) if I made my socks from the toe up 2) if I bought a yarn scale and divided the sock skeins in two or 3) actually paid a tiny bit of attention to the yardage in a skein of sock yarn, I would not have so much left over.

Sometimes there's enough left over for a third sock (which some people recommend in case of emergency). I can't do that- it defies every inclination for symmetry and balance that I have. There is nothing balanced about a third sock.I think it's a sign of negative "just in case" thinking. And there's probably "not quite" enough for a third one anyway.

If I know it's a hearty yardage, I'll go for broke and make 8" from the top down and then finish the foot. If I'm not sure of the yardage I'll go 6-6.5" from the top down.

It doesn't matter. There's always yarn leftover. I can either throw my money away or make some mitered squares.

These are tiny- 32 stitches done on size 2 needles-2 colors-4 ends to weave in- If this little project doesn't inspire me to find something interesting to knit, nothing will because it's going to be a big load of tedious!

It and a sock will, however, fit all of my vacation knitting needs. Simple, easy to pick up and put down, a small bag of knitting as opposed to bringing my whole stash, and no end in sight. And there is a yarn store in Cape May if I get desperate.

And finally, want to go somewhere that you will feel funny, clever, interesting, and otherwise delightful? Just go to my knit night. I love it. And for blogless, vicarious Lisa SImpson (her real name)- passing along the fact that you think I'm funnier than the Yarn Harlot and should write a book- is a little tidbit I'm going to hang on to for quite some time- I don't care if you're delusional. In fact sometimes I wonder if knitnight Gina just made you up to make me feel great.

p.s. when I came home from knitnight last night, I noticed that Mr. Sophanne was wearing his felted clogs... SCORE!!!


Becky said...

I think I have the opposite problem. If only I had a yarn scale and bothered to figure out how many yards of yard I had, then I wouldn't run out of yarn in the middle of a project....

Roxie said...

I adore those tiny mitered squares. You can knit them together as you go and have less to sew or darn in. They make such glorious baby blankets!

Have a splendid vacation and be happy!

Anonymous said...

If you are not intent on assembling your mitered squares in a particular way -- so that every group of four makes a visual square -- know that you can start the next square by picking up stitches along one edge of the previous square(s). There is an afghan on my Rav page made that way. You will still have lots of ends to weave in, but no assembly required.