Thursday, July 28, 2011

We're all different

You might remember a post about the Christmas Program where I point out that one of the ways kids show excitement for the upcoming performance is by asking what songs we are singing. (even after 3 weeks of practice) It reinforces the theory that everyone displays their excitement in different ways.


Grandson of Mr. Sophanne said very directly to his mother-"Aren't you excited for tomorrow? We're going to NEW JERSEY!" (somehow I think that's going to be really funny to him someday- New Jersey? Really?)

On the way home from the practice run to the airport, Mr. Sophanne passed the stadium where the Phillies play and practiced for when everyone would be in the car. As in "Look Levi, that's where the Phillies play"

Me, I post on the blog

count 'em Haley-Labor of Love- there are 120! I feel so blessed


Anonymous said...

Let's see, basketball, two BIG boxes of crayons, a game console, and Yahtzee. Yup, you have all the bases covered. Have fun!

Sunshine said...

I wanna play!!!!!!

Roxie said...

And Liza pants and wags. But then, she's excited about everything so she pants and wags a lot.