Saturday, July 16, 2011

A PhD.

If ever I wanted to do a PhD in the history of elementary music education in America, I blew my chances and threw all of the sources in a dumpster this week.

MountainMama (mama of da brudders) got a new job at a great school. The teacher that retired from that job was not a minimalist. In fact I believe he threw little away. He had the textbooks that I remember using in elementary music and general music textbooks that went back as far as 1954.

He had cassettes, filmstrips, records and reel-to-reel recordings. For a few brief hours I thought for sure MountainMama would double her yearly budget when I went to sell film strips and projectors on ebay but come to find $10 was about all they were worth. If only he'd kept a reel-to-reel player.

The two dumpsters outside the school were both half full when we arrived on Wednesday. By the time we were finished on Friday afternoon, both were overflowing.

That is where I've been- that's what I've been doing. Next week is figure out what to take, what to cook, think about vacation week. If anyone has any favorite "we're renting a house and we might have to feed 11 people" favorite recipes, feel free to post/link them in the comments.

The coming week is the last of the free- no husband-no obligations- summer vacation days. How quickly this time flies.

I have been remiss in garden posts but things are really starting to look good. Since I didn't have any dumpster pictures, here are a few from the garden.

from the front gate





Suzanne said...

When my Husband started as a teacher back in the late 1980's, the teacher he took over for still had manuals and graded tests from the 1950's in the files...left them in case he needed them.

Yarnhog said...

Chili with cornbread. Spaghetti and meatballs with salad. Burgers and dogs on the grill. Generally quick and easy to prepare, relatively inexpensive, and universally acceptable.

JelliDonut said...

I do something like this:

But I ALWAYS use cold rice, and I add chicken or shrimp.

Anonymous said...

My fave is Mac and Cheese with no substitutions - you need sourdough and fancy cheese or it's not the same. My BIL ate some much of this he had to lay down.

Annie said...

I had the same experience at the school I started at. They had hoarded a copy of every textbook used since the school opened along with all the recordings (records, cassettes). They have since "disappeared" after a recent move to a new school

LillyB said...

Wow! I need you to come visit me for 3 days to do the same!!

Roxie said...

"Hang on to it. You might need it some day," drives a lot of my hoarding instincts. But I counter with, "If you forgot you have it, or don't know where to find it, you may as well not have it at all." Also. "Have you needed this in the last ten years?" helps with the letting go. I am not likely to use my arctic weight sleeping bag that hasn't been unrolled since 1984. It goes to Goodwill.

Carrie K said...

My hoarding instincts are cringing - but luckily I've been blessed with purge instincts too.

Your garden looks fab. I've been wanting to grow corn for ages. Maybe next year. My Square Foot Garden book says I should grow it as compost.