Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sight Seeing dialogue

Seems like the Latvian phrase guide book was enjoyed. Today we will find out what phrases you will need while sightseeing.

Please, don't take photos!

Is this a special territory?

This building is a prison.

Is security a priority here?

Our priority is collaboration.

I'm afraid lest my purse and credit cards are stolen.

You should be very cautious.

How to avoid an unpleasant incident?

Never leave your bag unattended.

I don't have a bag.

Immediately inform police about it!

And just in case that wasn't enough to crack you up, lemme tell you about my morning. Mr. Sophanne didn't wake me up as he often does. Instead when I woke up late, I saw one of his work shirts neatly spread out on a little table with a glaring stain. I was so angry all day- HOW DARE HE START MY MORNING LIKE THAT! I do the laundry the best I can and he's pointing out my failures first thing in the morning?! We haven't had the rows that we did early in marriage but that's about to change buddy boy. You're not perfect either and I am SICK and TIRED of feeling like I'm not good enough.

At SecretarySandy's suggestion, instead of going on the defense, when he came home I asked him what he got on his shirt (clever clever oh Sandy of 35 years of marriage-I'll show him a thing or two)

When I asked him he said he spilled Italian dressing on it. When I asked him why he didn't wake me he said I looked so comfortable sleeping. I think I may be having some emotional overreactions.


Mary Beth said...

Marriage of x number of years will kill the emotional kickback. Laughed hard at this post. I have a hubby who STILL leaves clothes on the floor after all these years. I think I might have to whack, I mean, talk to him about it again.

knitwonpurltoo said...

We all overreact, or as I like to think of it, have our own little dramas. I know I'm the Queen of self-made drama;-P

Roxie said...

Yes, it does help to find out, "the rest of the story." I like Rit's stain remover. Available in your grocery store.

"What is this stain?"
"This Italian Dressing."
"But what has stained your Italian shirt?"

stephanie said...

Yeah, I usually find out my overreactions are unwarranted. But I can work myself up with quite the dialog in my mind of how I think he will respond.

kmkat said...

DH used to overreact but has calmed down considerably over the years. I, however, still remember being on the receiving end 25+ years ago and want to reciprocate. I have to remind myself that that was a long ago and far away and that it doesn't happen any more and that I should model my behavior on his current, calm and non-accusatory mode.

That usually works, too ;-)