Tuesday, March 08, 2011

True Love? Maybe "partly"

Today I told Mr. Sophanne that Hines Ward was going to be on Dancing with the Stars and that now we HAVE to watch it. He said "I wouldn't watch it even if YOU were on it. However , if there were the mere mention of one of your body parts on Law and Order, I would definitely tune in."

I've made some friends with some malabrigo (forest green) and Nancy Bush's Lehe pattern if you're looking for something to Ravel. I love lace knitting when the numbers work out. I hope this one doesn't end up in the "someday I'll figure out where I messed up" pile. Pictures on another day.


Cindy said...

I adore the title;-D

Roxie said...

I continue to love DWTS! The charm does not stale. But I understand that Derek will not be competing this season. Give someone else a chance to win, I guess.

Yarnhog said...

He's that attracted to your spleen, huh? That's love!