Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nancy B. oh how you seduce me

I didn't think it wise to use her name "Bu$h" and seduce in the same title- too many weird hits.

This is Lehe from Knitted Lace of Estonia in some Malabrigo. It's just the right challenge/yarn/attention span combo. I don't even care if there are thirty hundred repeats of two charts that don't match up perfectly. I am also ignoring the fact that it will require knitting an additional border when it's finished (if I stick with the pattern) There's a video for that and I'll be watching it. Fearless Knitter- that's me!


JelliDonut said...

You go, girl!

Roxie said...

How Irish! I'm impressed.

Sharon said...

So pretty! I love the color and the stitch pattern.