Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is it with

vacations and strep throat and me? I swear my body waits until things slow down to take time to get sick. It's not a full blown case but I'm the kind of get-sick person where I can feel it coming, if I went to the dr. right now he'd say it was nothing, and yet I know in 3 days I'll be miserable. Stupid strep throat.

Complaining Rant complete.

While I stewed under the covers, Mr. Sophanne went out on this increasingly cloudy (snow later in the week) spring day and began making arrangements for our garden to be.

His plan is to remove the sliding board "watch tower" piece on the right entirely and use the remaining posts to help fence in the garden area.

The sliding board once attached to this piece will find a new home in place of the basketball hoop (there is a door behind it) so that there will be some place for The Brudders Three to play when they come to visit.

This area in between posts and out into the yard a little ways will be the actual garden/fenced in place.

The swings have been removed but the hooks remain perfect for hanging things to scare hungry birds. (we won't mention that I suggested hanging bird feeders there) or hanging plants or wind chimes or something fabulously decorative and/or useful that I haven't thought of yet. GoodneighborMarilyn gave us a clematis that needs a place to climb this year- maybe it will want to live there.

Twice now he's called it "our garden" or "the garden" which for whatever reason makes me insanely happy. And while we were eating lunch at the local diner we heard one farmer-type-guy say to another farmer-type guy "No use planting anything before May 1st," so now we have our timeline. We are proud of our research.


Mountain Mama said...

Ooooo, how exciting!!! (the garden and the slide- boo hiss on the strep- another person I know has it now too). Feel better soon!

JelliDonut said...

Do you still have your tonsils? Those buggers hide the strep germs really well.

As for gardening--I put out pots the 2nd week in May, knowing full well I'll have to drag them into the garage on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...

There is no better gardening research than local lore. I'm excited for you and your(both) garden. Hope you're feeling 100%.

Roxie said...

BRavo and good luck on the garden! The revised structure looks sleek and efficient. He's a hard worker!