Wednesday, March 30, 2011

just one more question, sir....

As I mentioned in the last post, I've been going through a little Columbo phase.  I think various phases come with the change in seasons.  Like stores that increase sales by rotating the merchandise, rotating the seasons may have the same effect on me.

Accompanying this Columbo phase has been my inclination to become Columbo in my classroom demeanor-saying things like, "the thing is kids...."(but only after a long Columbo type pause.) Adrian Monk also occasionally makes an appearance.  Some time ago when I was feeling  overwhelmed by working every day, I lightened up by pretending I was Jemaine from Flight of the Concords.  Reviewing my "role" models reveals a personal inclination toward the absurd and surreal, punctuated by meaningful(or less) pauses.  

Then again, it could just be who I am and that's why I identify with those characters.  It might be a chicken/egg sort of thing.  

Then I started thinking about the common ploy for soliciting blog comments with the question "do you have anyone you inner channel?" Too easy.

Then I began to wonder, based on the limited things I know about my blog friends, who I channel for them in my head.

Cynthia lives in what she calls Middle Earth.  Lately she's changed jobs and created a new adventure for herself.  To me, she is Bilbo Baggins. I've also never seen a picture of her.

Kmkat lives somewhere cold and woodsy with snow and a big Jeep and a husband she refers to as Bear.  Sometimes I like to pretend she is the detective in the movie"Fargo" (minus the baby bump)

Redsilvia is a flight attendant.  My picture for her is a young Marlo Thomas/Mary Tyler Moore combo-flying from city to city, "making it on her own"-she may very well not be on her own for all I really know-but these are the snapshots my brain emanates.

Yarnhog lives in a warm sunny place and has a wildly colorful family background and job history, and is good at every thing she tries.  Sometimes I like to pretend she is a brilliant but humble double agent who makes you laugh in the way Maxwell Smart might but has the acumen of 99.

So, in search of a greater understanding of self, what character am I in your head to you?  Who do I remind you of?  (If you feel like thinking about it that is.)

In unrelated news, my secretary friend and I went to another room for lunch today.  Oh how that lifted my spirits for the rest of the day.  Good talk and laughs with a friend and all with the reassurance that nothing said would be spread through the community.  If questioned by the talker, I realize that I can give the reason that many give as to why the don't eat lunch in the lounge..."too much gossip." I don't have to point out that she's the source of the problem.  


Anonymous said...

You got me. Furry feet and all!!!!!

Roxie said...

I see you as a younger (and married) Miss Marple, knitting, alert to all the details of life around you, keenly intelligent, practical, with a wicked sense of humor.

JelliDonut said...

Here's a costume your alter ego can wear:

Yarnhog said...

Bwahahaha! I'm going to put "brilliant but humble" on a t-shirt!

You totally got kmkat! I'll always think of her talking in North Dakota dialect now.

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved That Girl reruns after school. I so wanted to move to NYC (tho when I did it wasn't the same - no drug dealers on her doorstep). I like how you think of me, so I shan't break the spell ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! You got me! But my husband is Smokey, aka The Bear, and our dog (recently deceased) was Bear. When I did a blog post titled "RIP, Bear" after Smokey hit a bear with the van, more than one commenter thought I had been widowed.