Monday, January 04, 2010

Schurch Crazy!

That's what I've gone.

Here's the Aran Watch Cap done in Berroco Ultra Alpaca- extra large on size 5 needles- a little too big for me but I have some fingers crossed that when Mr. Sophanne comes home it will fit and he won't hate it.

did I mention I had a snow day?

Digging in the stash I've found a forest green and a maroon and I'm going to cast on for Doublemassa if the colors contrast enough.


Lydee said...

it's beautiful!

Karen said...

What a great hat. If that's crazy, then send me to the Funny Farm!!

silvia said...

I know Mr. Sophanne is worth it, but I'd be tempted to keep such a pretty hat. Not trying to cause marital discord, just being honest ;0