Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sock Total = 7

Sock Details: size 2 dpn- 60 stitches pictured below from left to right a mystery skein purchased in Florida in Summer of 06, Regia from Marc at Knit Night (Summer 09), Happiest Girl from Abundant Yarns in Portland OR(summer 08), and Regia from a destash bin at Waynesburg Sheep and Fiber(Spring 09),

Those 2 kids come tomorrow evening and we pick up the train on Monday morning. Travel treats include an EasyShare camera, a blank journal with appropriate stickers, rechargable batteries, a map of Manhattan, and a deck of cards.


Virtuous said...

Luvin' the socks!! Will you be knitting more this summmer??

Esp. like the Happiest Girl pair! You got them to be identical too! *thumbs up*

Glad you are doing great over here!!

Sharon said...

Go ahead girl, you're just cranking out the socks! They look great.

Kim said...

Yeah, lots of sock and just in time for summer. Enjoy NYC! Too bad I won't be around cause I would love to hang out.

Carol said...

Have fun!