Saturday, February 10, 2007

In circles

My LYS- overpriced, 25 miles away but with a clerk who is not a fashionista and laughs at the stories I relate from other blogs regarding stash. A former DARE officer with a barrel build, there is no pretense and only a shared love of yarn. It is only in this region that one can hear of an "outbuilding" that houses the yarn stash. We shared thoughts on Freecycle as a way to get rid of the yarn and then I just point blank asked her where she lived that I might accidentally retrieve a bin that she wouldn't miss.

This is certainly much more fun than the NSLYS 60 miles away that insults you as you wait or the nearer one 40 miles away that gives away "free patterns" that don't really work and tries to sell the clear clogs for sock wearers every chance she gets.

Todays purchase included 2 sets of #7 circular needles for the anticipated top down sweaters to come. And so the treasure trove grows.

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