Saturday, December 24, 2016


The thing is, everyone has gone through this with someone in their lives. Benign? Malignant? No signs? Metastasized?

Buddhist meditation and non-attachment becomes laughable. Which is, I suppose the Buddha's joke regarding the human condition. Attachment causes suffering. You can't help but attach. There will always be suffering. (Suffering in the Buddhist definition- greathusbandbob isn't suffering suffering.)

And so one day it is clear that the doctor will announce he has many years ahead and the next day all he says is he will have to fight for his life. And the appointment isn't until January 4th. And every now and then I take a Xanax when I start to get to ahead of myself.

In the meantime, the Gnomes have a friend. (Why does autocorrect always capitalize Gnomes?)


Her boobs are uneven but it is my understanding that most are. More realistic. Soon she will be monogamous as this evening I find her a life partner. Until now I thought the Gnomes looked monk-like I'll have to see if there is chemistry.


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kmkat said...

Just today I came into possession of a number of handknit items, including a cowl and a large number of scarf-y, shawl-y things, that a blog friend had knitted but realized she never wore. Tell me a few of your favorite colors and your snail mail addy and I will send you one. Surprise!