Monday, December 12, 2016


Still worried.

Still waiting.

Still scared.

Still medicating. It's not making me sleepy which is how I measure if I am overusing. (That and following the directions on the script)

Still having bouts of hidden tears.

GreatsonIan arrives in the morning tomorrow.

GreatbrotherJerry and GreatsisinlawMerly arrive tomorrow evening.

GreatauntSippy made me laugh and feel comforted today (in spite of pointing out it's how her husband died.)

Surgering surgery on Tuesday.

Winter program at school on Wednesday. Little does the sub know his main purpose that day will be setting up th sound system and tearing it down.

No more school until 2017 after that.

If greathusbandbob weren't such a badass, he would still be waiting for the initial consult originally scheduled for the 15th. As always he gets shit done and doesn't waste any time.

A reading of the results of the CT scan ( with and without contrast) says there's no indication of metastasizing which I know is only preliminary but feels a little promising.

le sigh.

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kmkat said...

Stick with the hope. According to Emily Dickinson, it's the thing with feathers.