Monday, December 12, 2016


First the vacation countdown advent milk carton calendar. Gift number one:

Deodorant. Would that I could hear our inspiration Gerry Brooks say that word.

I won't be here to open most of them but believe I will do so daily just to make each day have a little laugh.

Second- the people that care about you. The kindergarten aides and teachers put together a waiting for surgery hospital goodie bag to keep me busy while we wait tomorrow. I love people.


All of the goodies won't fit in one picture but this should keep me good for an hour or two.


Third- the people who are in your life who become closer and more connected to you because they've been there done that, and in doing so would move heaven and earth to be helpful


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kmkat said...

Would that I could send my son Matthew to sit with you in the hospital. When Smokey was in the medically-induced coma/chilled to body temp of 92˚, he and I sat on the window ledge in the ICU room. He kept me entertained without me even realizing what he was doing until he told me.

"Look, Mom, here's all the stuff I always carry in my [it's not really a briefcase, but it is what he carries with him and contains every piece of electronic gear and tool he could possibly need]."

"Look, Mom, here's the stuff I keep in my wallet."

I was too distracted with unacknowledged worry to knit, so his presence was a godsend. Perhaps knitting will save you. Look for an uncomplicated project -- lots of stockinette, this is not the time for lace -- knit on medium-sized needles and choose a yummy yarn that will comfort you even as you knit.