Thursday, June 09, 2016

Let the Blogging Commence

It is summer. Finally. This summer has been a long time coming. I started counting the days 13 weeks out and bought a pair of walking shoes to help me get through it. I had a countdown on the shoe box.

My first act of summer vacation (after the traditional crying at the psychiatrist's office to release the pent up horribleness) was to walk for an hour in those shoes. The weather has been perfect minus the occasional cicada.

My second act of the summer was to open a bed and breakfast... for the birds. (Note the bird house in the back-used every year.)


The next item that needed attending was better food consumption. Oatmeal for breakfast, banana, nectarine, almonds and pistachios for lunch and all the fixings are sliced and ready for a sesame/ginger/shrimp stir fry with asparagus, broccoli, scallions, snap peas and mushrooms in an oyster sauce (which come to find is mostly just chicken broth and corn starch)

There is one more workshop day tomorrow where I am re-certified as a member of the safety-crisis team. That there is a need for a safety crisis team gives a little hint as to why it's been such a difficult year. No less than seven students (in a school with a population of about 350) required emergency intervention various times during the year (daily for several weeks in a row) which requires team members to work together to de-escalate whatever is going on and make sure no one gets hurt in the process. Because the music classroom lacks the same kind of structure than a traditional classroom, many kids saved their wandering rampages for my classroom.

On the list for this summer is a two week family vacation to Seattle, learning to spin poi, going to the courthouse to watch what happens there and playing with calligraphy pens. I got an early start on relaxing with friends last weekend at the Three Rivers Arts Festival with DrJustine's dog Eddie. I love dogs.


Summer vacation goal as always, try new things, crack myself up, have some adventures and recharge. Stay tuned.


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