Friday, June 10, 2016

Dinner, personal space and a bird.

Last night's dinner was great although note to self, fresh vegetables do not come in standard serving sizes like frozen ones. A little less vegetable enthusiasm may have been called for.


Today was the safety care refresher train. Let it be known that I have issues with adults and my personal space bubble. I hate it. It also brought back every instance that I had to use safety care during the year to mind and while good to review was exhausting.

Bob and I sat on the porch today and a bird visited the feeder. They have been lingering around but loud voices put them off and one of us has one.

Tomorrow's adventures include assembling an end table for Aunties birthday, the weekly box store trip with the cousin and lunch at the local deli that I always forget exists.

There was no time for walking this morning but I did manage 15 minutes of fast pace at lunchtime.


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