Monday, June 13, 2016

Day One Part Two.

I spent the morning in Lou Dayich's courtroom. I saw two prisoners In orange jumpsuits who did not waive their extradition. One used a stolen credit card. The other was dealing drugs. The judge was wondering who I was with and everyone got a chuckle when I said I was just there to watch.

I went back after the lunch break and the galley (gallery?) was packed. The majority of pleas were DUI guiltys and most received ARD. If I were the judge I'd be exhausted.


I received this in the mail- It cracked me up.


And then I went to my first Zumba class. One of the paraprofessionals from my school leads it and nearly everyone there was a mom of former students. I was in good company. I will go back. Exercise is my summer job and today I worked overtime!


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Anonymous said...

Yay for your summer! I'm the opposite, my break is over and it's back to work in July (insert very sad face). I started yoga class, so it's only right you go to zumba. Hope it's a grand summer!