Monday, June 13, 2016

The first official day.

This blog is here to document adventures and I want to keep having them so there it is.

This mornings walk was 2.8 miles and on the first round I ran 780 of 1700 steps. Also whereas yesterday I got tired approaching 100 each time, today I did 4 sets of 120 one of 100 and one set of 200.

The bird feeder had its first pretty bird which bob terry called a wild canary and I called it a finch.


And for whatever reason I'm a little weirded out about going and watching at the court room but I think I might force myself to do it. A social study of sorts.

There is Zumba in blacksville tonight. I declared I would go before school was out. It's another thing that I am anxious about doing but seeing the instructor at lunch yesterday was, like the cool walking temperatures, probably an auspicious sign.


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kmkat said...

That's goldfinch. They particularly love thistle seed, but sunflower seeds are good, too (clearly). We have tons of them in the summer and a fair number that winter over. They are not nearly as colorful in the winter, however.