Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things finally got real.

At first the most exciting thing I had to post this week was my coffee stained counter and my taco flower.



I have been more or less obsessed with this dumb game.


I also read George Takei's book ""Oh Myyy"


But then..... Today happened.


Newfrienddebbie and I first went to Ali Baba's for the lunchtime buffet. Mmmmmmmmm.


This was followed by a trip to a teeny tiny yarn store called Mia Sofia. This photo really is most of the yarn that they have but it was buy one and get one half off. The chiagoo (or as I like to call them chiagoogoo) needles were part of the same sale. Dare I say I love those needles MORE than Addi's?



The traffic leaving Mia Sofia was dreadful and required a detour that took us to the other LYS- I can never remember the name of it. The coolest part of this place (in addition to the Noro silk garden I convinced myself to buy) was this yarn swift. It's like my Lazy Susan one but those slanty rods accommodate the changing skein size. It's handmade (of course) and the maker has no interest in marketing.



The adventure ended at our favorite Terra Cafe where the hilarity of the art was not lost on me. The funniest part of this trip was the confession that newfrienddebbie made regarding her hibernating spring break days. Says she "there's this new app/game called candy crush" (see above) and I can't quit playing it. Come to find we've been living parallel lives all week without knowing it. Today's adventure was the only possible outcome.

Is there not a walk in closet?
I really don't like this carpet. The curb appeal is charming and adorable.


Once home I wound two recently acquired balls of yarn (Ella Rae dk) and purchased Stephen West's Daybreak pattern.

Now there is this much done. However I have NOT made it past level 77.




Becky said...

I need the "I really don't like this carpet" sign, because I hate all carpet and it just sums up my life. Also, your life sounds pretty happy right now, maybe I need to start playing candy crush!!

Roxie said...

What a grand day! You deserved it.

vanfox23 said...

Sounds like a great day! Was the other LYS by the courthouse? I like both for different reasons. As far as the game...more power to you. I don't want to get sucked into another one.

Anonymous said...

Oh you crazy spring breakers!

Suzanne said...

Ha ha! I have resisted Candy Crush, but got pulled in to playing Word Off! Great yarn shops!