Sunday, March 24, 2013

Do Not Feel Sorry For This Cat



All attempts to get her to come inside have failed. She is a martyr. Until there is food involved. But it better be turkey and not hot dogs.

In other food news, Mr. Sophanne and I went for our usual Sunday dinner at Trob Revvens today. Why do we keep going there? Because here in this little Burg of Wayne there are no other options.

Today's dining entertainment involved our waiter Shawn who came to or table to check and see if everything was o.k. three times before the food arrived. Each time we said, everything was fine but would be much better with food. He said "Are you hanging tight?" What does that mean exactly? If it means we're hungry and waiting patiently, then yes, we're "hanging tight."

After much longer than it should have been, he arrived with food saying that "he told the cooks we were hungry and wanted our food" as if that was an exceptional stretch of power on his part. When the pancakes of Mr. Sophanne failed to have the promised whipped topping ( as suggested by Shawn when we ordered), he promptly blamed the cooks, took the pancakes back and returned with a smiley face that had eyebrows. Whipped topping art as it were. Then he stuck around as if we wanted to chat with him. While we usually do, as a general rule, we like to decide whether we're in the mood for that or not.

My family members have regularly informed me that I would be terrible as a waitress. I am happy to report that if I ever lose my teaching job, even I could find employment in the Burg of Wayne.


The sleeves to the Welcome Friend Kathy Zimmerman cable sweater that I am calling "Glacier" in hopes to wear it on the Alaskan cruise look like this- about 8" of 22".



The yarn festival scarf, Man oh Man, which is serving as a distraction from the sleeves, looks like this. Question. Is tencel a natural fiber? I think it's made from wood? This yarn is wool and tencel.



Given that its spring break, maybe I will find an adventure to have and post about.



Roxie said...

Tencel is fiber made from wood, in a process similar to, rayon. Same for bamboo. So I guess it would be considered a bast fiber like cotton, linen and ramie. The scarf looks wonderful.

That cat looks sufficiently well-furred to succeed as a freezing martyr for hours on end.

vanfox23 said...

That cat is beautiful. And ya gotta love an *ahem* attentive waiter.