Saturday, March 02, 2013

Garlic - o - Butt and some random

Now that I see it on the blog page, I'm pretty sure I've posted this before but maybe you forgot and will laugh again.  The latest Nutella rage that has me cracking up over spreads.

I'm knitting the cable sweater, some lace and finishing a pair of felted clogs for the Mr. today.

In other funny, there is a custodian that I know that has been given multiple jobs to do at once in his school.  He must enter lunch numbers into a computer, lock the doors, scrape the trays, and take care of any spills or messes that occur.  

It's a little over the top but it's what happens when there aren't enough people to do everything.  

Last week I suggested to him that because he doesn't have enough to do that he should provide some entertainment in the cafeteria.  Without pause for thought he said, "Oh yes, I've got a puppet show lined up for today and for the adult entertainment, I've ordered a pole for next week."

In movie news, the Mr. and I watched Monsieur Verdoux with a talking and directing Charlie Chaplin last night.  What a movie.  What begins as a farce about a man who is a "bluebeard" (I had never heard that term before last night) - someone who marries for money and then kills his spouses- turns into a treatise on war that kills millions versus people who murder.  I'm guessing it's where this line came from:  If you kill millions in war, you're a hero but if you murder one, you're a criminal."  I'm not getting all political here, it was just a peculiar movie (1947) that left an impression.

My favorite line in it (one I'm sure I'll remember when the drugs stop working) is 

Despair is a narcotic that lulls one into indifference.

It won and Academy Award nomination for the screenplay but was panned by the critics.  I'm guessing the change in tone didn't win them over, and apparently the perceived trivialization of murder was offensive to them as well.

End of random.


Cindy said...

You do random better than anyone else I know. Your custodian is wonderful. Garlic-o-Butt? WTF? And, the movie sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

You are the soul of random today!

Garlic butt had me stumped. Now I see that you're talking about and I'm realllllly stumped. WTF is in your supermarket?! That is so not in mine, am I missing an aisle?

Becky said...

How exactly do you consume garlic-o-butt?? That is, if you dare....