Saturday, March 16, 2013

The results.

I must tell the truth. While I have most recently embraced a minimalist version of consumerism, making zero extraneous purchases from thanksgiving through Christmas, I make a conscious exception at a yarn festival. I try to save enough prior to going so that money is no object. It's so much fun that way. As much fun, I'm guessing as Mr. Sophanne has at the casino.

First Steven Be. Oh my. I didn't stick around that booth very long. It was just a little over the top for me.


His sweater was super sized yarn and camera film. He's hosting a slumber party as I type. It would have been interesting to see what he chose for sleepwear, but not that interesting. Here he is trying to work the credit card iPad combination and I can't help but noticing that he and his customer resemble one another in a small way.

Knitnighttara got to see the bunny out of the cage and grabbed this Instagram photo. Bonus gratitude points to the person who captions this one. That bunny has a Mona Lisa eye.


In addition to replacing my peg-missing swift, I made a few purchases.


Kauni for a clockwork. I have a clockwork in these colors. I had it with me. I was wearing it earlier in the day. I realized this after the purchase was final. So it goes.

Some shawl pins so that I can wear either purple black gray clockwork without them falling off my shoulders.

Some gorgeous Brooks Farms merino and a scarf pattern called man oh man.

A cool spirally shawl with a yarn color our of my comfort zone. I ceased all purchases after that one. Colors one doesn't normally get are a sign that one is buying for the sake of buying.

Finally a late lunch at a Middle Eastern place called Aladdin's. Everyone seems to be just a little annoyed at my "picture taking to blog later" self. Out of respect for them, I smoothied their faces. Enjoying the smoothie tool, I also smoothied some of the tableware and the windows. What a fun day.

End of results.



Cindy said...

Sounds like a great time. I am trying to work in colors outside my comfort zone. I'm finding it rather enlightening;-p

Roxie said...

Giddy joy! Obviously, if you already have a shawl in that color, and you are wearing it, you must love that color. The yarn will tell you what else you need. Scarf, hat, mittens, socks ,vest?

Anonymous said...

I rarely use the yarn I buy at festivals for what I think I'll use it for. There is always a change of plan when months and years later I use the damn stuff.

I thought those shawl pins were for work - warding off marauding children and such. Clearly I'm not a child friendly establishment...

Oddly, I find that pinky yarn is my fave of your purchases, maybe because it is so springlike.

kmkat said...

Avoid the Stephen B. He is an ass. (His home turf is Mpls; I know whereof I speak.)

Love the smoothie-ness!

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