Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chicken Bob and the Chicken Pox.

I was principal and secretary at the same time today for about 45 minutes. I saw the action.


During Chicken Bob's first grade class, a child came in to see the nurse approximately every 7 minutes (fortunately for all involved I am not and never will be the nurse.) All were complaining of rashes (slightly invisible rashes.) One student lingered after being dismissed by the nurse to tell me that "chicken Bob wants to know what we have and why we all have it." Again, summarily dismissed.

At the end of class Chicken Bob sat down next to the nurses desk and said, "I think we've got chicken pox going around" (something that's has all but vanished since the vaccine). The nurse asked "why do you think so?" Chicken bob replied "that's what the kids told me."

The nurse did some investigating in the first grade classroom. It's common knowledge in the building that first graders learn about life cycles and hatched some eggs just a few weeks ago. Healthy chicks living happily. Not surprisingly, it was interpolated by the first graders that those chickens were indeed the cause of the chicken pox epidemic.

And Chicken Bob, being chicken Bob, believed it.

Here's the cool thing about living where I live.




vanfox23 said...

:-) Chicken Bob! LOL!

Love the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

What! There's a vaccine now! So kids so have to stay home all scabby watching cartoons anymore? Who knew.

Poor Chicken Bob, I'm sure he's a lovely fellow but...

Logan Rojas said...

I actually found it pretty clever in the part of the first graders to be able to deduce that the chicks caused the pox epidemic and that they trickled into the nurse's office complaining of rashes. Amusing from this side, but I'm sure it was a bit of a headache for the nurse. However, my second grader did end up with the real thing, and so have 5 other kids from her class. 3 of them share the same pediatrician, which makes me wonder if he felt like what you and your school nurse felt when we came in on the same day.


Cindy said...

I love your stories. And, I might work with Chicken Bob myself.

Roxie said...

If you get the vaccine, does that leave you vulnerable to shingles, or does it protect against it?

Poor Chicken Bob.

And poor school nurse, having to look for invisible rashes.