Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Adorable and The Ridiculous not necessarily in that order

First the ridiculous.  As recently inducted head teacher (long time followers- don't ask.  I know they told me I could never do it again but here we go) I got to say the essence of this sentence today.  "Seems to me that the cleaning up of bodily fluids (body fluids? someone help me) takes priority over taking the garbage out."

And now the adorable- (well yes, I did list them in reverse order but who wants to leave a blog with the above thought in their head?)

Mama posted the picture on facebook, so I'm pretty sure I'm cleared to show this fabulous photo of the knitted hippo Milton in action with his adorable keeper, Eli!  Oy! What A Cute Baby you two made!

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kmkat said...

I think bodily fluids is correct. And yes, that should take priority. Rubber gloves and masks for everyone!