Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bang a Gong

I bought a gong for my classroom this year. It's a great gong. I love it. The kids Really love it.

Today in 4th grade we were discussing how we could make our class created piece better the next time we gathered.

Matthew said, "we could add the thong."

Seriously, do you know hard it is to swallow that laugh and gently say, " yes, the Gong might be nice there?"

Worse still is the idea that last week this kid went home and said, "Mrs. Sophanne has a new thong and next week she said we could play it."

Really, there is no making this stuff up.


Lydee said...


Sunshine said...

Where did he learn the word "thong"?

Roxie said...

It's a lovely gong.Did you get it from Victoria's Secret? ;-)

kmkat said...

Matthew's parents are REALLY looking forward to the parent-teacher conferences this fall.