Wednesday, September 19, 2012

knit night sweet knit night

Things were cruising along at knit night last night when all of a sudden knitnightGina said, hey, they're going to knit the bridge.

Which bridge?  Can we do it too?

It's the Andy Warhol bridge- here's the info  knitnightJustine is looking into it and now when we have our "trick or treat" yarn exchange- (bring all of your "I don't want to look at it anymore" yarn and go home with someone else's "I don't want to look at it anymore" yarn) no one will be embarrassed to bring and dispose of that acrylic yarn hiding in the basement.  Instead it will go into the Knit the Bridge pile.

I said, "It feels like an adventure, like a field trip!  When we don't have field trips for a while, I feel like we don't love each other anymore."

KnitnightTara said, "Sophanne, even if we didn't love each other anymore, you love us enough for everyone."

If I had to be someone, that's the person I like being.

Also another shout out to Stitchjones' Yarnageddon Yarn club 2012.  You can get in on the 2000 and thirteen action here.  I don't share this with you for any personal gain.  I share it because it works so well for me.  I love to get yarn, I hate to make decisions, I love the way Sharon dyes things, it feels like free yarn in the mail.  None of this yarn will be going to trick or treat night or on a bridge- that's for sure.


Janet said...

" love us enough for everyone." Truly a wonderful person to be. Wish I could meet you in a non-virtual world.

Roxie said...

Hugs and love right back to you!

Knit the bridge looks like such fun! We have many bridges here in Portland.Maybe we oughta look into this.