Sunday, September 30, 2012

Awake and designing

So my schedule is all out of whack from last week's round of prednisone ( for some sort of itchy thing that wouldn't quit) and my usual, hey let's sleep all weekend routine.

Now I am awake and using the sketch pad app to design tractor Christmas stockings for MountainMama's chilluns'.

I have a basic stocking pattern for the bottom half (detailed on Ravelry) and if I could speak Finnish, I'd be able to thank someone for charting a tractor so I didn't have to.

At least it's only October. And what with Steeler and Mountaineer football and knit nights, this should be no problem. I think they're going to be adorable. And now i have a reason to buy yarn on the knit night field trip! I'm so happy when my brain combines things in rational rather than ridiculous ways.


Sunshine said...


vanfox23 said...

I really need to knit faster. Last year I bought all I needed for stockings for the girls (after the season on sale!!) and I have yet to start them!!!

Mountain Mama said...

These are going to be sooo cute! Thank you for being my friend. :)