Sunday, September 02, 2012

Not Surprising/Surprising

Welcome to the Not Surprising/Surprising feature of this blog brought to you by inattentive knitting (and/or living depending on if it applies.)

Not Surprising:  

When I knit through the long sloggy part and was near the end of my Juno Regina scarf, you may recall that I dutifully knit chart 7, 8, 9, and 11- skipping 10 altogether.

Juno Regina was promptly relegated to time out just minutes after I tried to tink those two pesky rows.  The yarn overs and knit 3 togethers were more than I could undo.

I thought that certainly it would go into the UFO pile as "unfinishable."


It's only been in the "shame on you" knitting pile for 3 weeks.

I ripped back to the easy to "read" part.

I managed to get the correct number of stitches in the right order.

There is a small possibility that this will indeed become a finished knit.

I vacuumed the house today.

::End of Not Surprising/Surprising::

Do not attempt to make any logical connection with the sequence of surprising events.

The thing is, I've been hanging out with kindergarten age kids this week.   They're just beginning to understand the whole school thing- as in- we talk about what we're talking about and not so much what we're thinking about.

Teaching Kindergarten music in August and September is like attending avante-garde theater. A meaningful conversation on what things keep a steady beat can turn into what's in their lunch box IN a steady beat.  I'm certain it's a much more interesting way to have a conversation-hence the vacuuming.

P.S.  I think one of the reasons that I was determined to correct the knitting problems was because I was using a gorgeous alpaca/silk deep magenta laceweight yarn that came from Stitchjones' Yarnageddon.  She's doing it again in 2013.  I can't recommend it enough.  She "delivers the goods" and more than once, knowing that I was expecting a quarterly delivery, I refrained from spontaneous and frivolous online and yarn store purchases!  Need a yarn diet?  This is like having a diet that includes ice cream at every meal!


Cindy said...

Perfect description of kindergarteners. And, good for you! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Juno Regina.

Roxie said...

Focus? Stick to a topic? What's a topic? My mom smears wax on her legs and then rips it off. I have a new baby cousin. Our cat has pink buttons on her tummy.

Lydee said...

kindergarten, good descript. crack me up. it's been a rough start for me. large numbers of kers.