Friday, September 21, 2012

Proof positive and this weeks Episode of the Avante Garde

This is the left front of Sanderling- a sock-weight vest I really believe I might wear in Noro.  To the right you can catch a glimpse of Stitchjones' latest yarn treat.  It's amazing what 10% cashmere will do to enhance the quality of some merino.  Between work days, I do indeed knit.

It's just that lately much of the funny has come from kids under the age of 8.  To preface the latest funny, in first grade we've been paying attention to high and low sounds and the related fact that instruments that make high sounds are generally smaller than low ones.  Right there you'll notice two obvious opposites (high and low, big and small)   Also to  preface the following exchange; prior to the conversation you are about to read, we sang a song that had puppies, kitties, ducklings, baby donkeys and piglets.

After singing and making long and short animal sounds, I played a triangle (not only did they experience the sound lasting a long time, they also saw my arms stretch as the sound continued.)  Then I played a short sound on the scraper.  Then I said,

"We've been thinking about high and low.  What other opposite do you think these two instruments show?"

Student 1:  High and low.

Me:  yes, the triangle does sound higher than the scraper and we have been thinking about that, but remember how I said we are looking for a NEW opposite?demonstrate instruments again.

Student 2:  Puppy.

Me:  Puppy IS in the song we just sang, but it's really not an opposite. Listen again and see what your ears notice.  demonstrate instruments again.

Student 3:  High and low.

Me:  well, yes, high and low is an opposite- still not the new one we're trying to figure out.

Student 4:  Donkey.

At this point I am forced to pause momentarily to prevent myself from shouting WHAT THE F*%&# at the top of my lungs.  As I am ready to smack myself in the head with the fish shaped scraper,  one student says "hey, that triangle plays for a long time."

Feel free to continue the surreal by creating and sharing your own opposites and if this sort of play intrigues you, I strongly recommend the book Runaway Opposites by Richard Wilbur where the opposite of of a riot is "a lot of people keeping quiet" and the opposite of Doctor is anyone who makes you sick.


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Annie said...

*plays Mary Had the Little Lamb on really high piano keys, then on the lowest piano kids*
"Okay boys and girls, how are these different?"
S1: "They aren't the same"
"Exactly, but why are they not the same?"
S2: "Because they are different"
"Well, how do they sound different?"
S3: "Well, the one sounds a certain way, and then the second one sounds another way"


Becky said...

You are made of patience.

Roxie said...

See, that's the problem with asking questions when you already know the answers.