Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new event.

I sit in a corner by the window seat at knit night. The window offers the illusion of space that my larger than normal need for personal space requires. Ironically, this window/corner seat usually leaves me boxed in by other knitters gathered around.

I had to get up to pee, stretch and realized while it was perfect timing for me- I had just finished a row- its likely that it might not have been such good timing for knitnightGina who had to move for me to continue. Thus came my newest invention. Synchronized Knitting. I can't believe no one's tried it yet. In fact, I'm going to guess that after I post this, my blog will be the top hit if you google "synchronized knitting."

I'm not exactly sure of the details as to how it would work but I am certain that we would hire knitnightRuth as our coach. We'll let her be the taskmaster, pounding the drum and shouting "Knit" and occasionally "Purl" while we follow her directions and chant the Volga Boatman's song.

I can imagine S.K festivals (or at least booths at fiber festivals) where knitters in themed costumes are judged based on project choice, musical selection, variety of routine, accuracy etc.

Other suggestions-or expanding thoughts?


Cindy said...

Organizing a group of knitters might be a bit like herding cats, dearheart, but it is a novel and exciting new idea. The other potential issue might be dullness. You might want to think choreography.

vanfox23 said...

LOL! I just googled it and believe it or not you were the 2nd hit! Maybe if we get enough people involved we can get it in the winter olympics?

Roxie said...

My Norwegian grandmother said that she and her sister used to have knitting races, winding the yarn for both socks into one ball, then trying to unwind yours faster than hers. But synchronized knitting - - close-up of the hands viewed on a big screen, identical techniques(American or continental) Different categories - the fair Isle event, cables for couples,... yes, at least we have a great TV show.