Friday, February 24, 2012

Knit night field trip

Last night knit night had a field trip. We went to Fired Up in Canonsburg. Mr. Sopanne and Mr. KnitnightGina joined us. Mr. Sophanne and I painted ceramic bowls for ice cream or cereal.

Mr. Sophanne painted his so that it inadvertently looked like Chim Chim's hat. (the monkey from the Speed Racer cartoon) He believes that he could slip it into and archeological dig in Australia and it would be identified as traditional aboriginal art.

Mine is blue gray with swirly gwirlies on it. I forgot to take pictures.

Of course the excitement of the evening was the fact that the Mr.'s came. Now there are faces to put to names in the story.

The interesting part to me was observing and learning about men. I know how women make friends. I know how men and women make friends. I had never really seen two men meet and make friends for the first time. I can't decide if Mr. Sophanne was making conversation or cockadoodledooing. It felt like a little of both.

I'm sure that part of it was that he was immersed in a "less than masculine" (in his mind) activity and had more women than men around him. On the way there he told me that his brother suggested that he "tell her you're going to make an ashtray and start smoking if she makes you go."

It was fun to take a little step into the unknown. Our bowls will hopefully be done by knit night next week which will make for a much more exciting post. And our field trip catalyst (KnitnightTara) is already planning our next adventure which may or may not be a 2 hour archery class. Everyone should have a KnitnightTara in their lives. She's the one who says "someday we should....", and once everyone agrees in principle, says "let's do it on Thursday next week."


Anonymous said...

I think archery may have been the only unit I enjoyed in high school gym class. That sounds like a great field trip!

Roxie said...

Painting ceramics is SUCH fun! hooray for Mr.Sophanne. He's a brave and loving fellow. AND, he gets a new cereal bowl out of the deal.

"Archery is a lot of fun until someone puts their eye out." Sigh. Eye roll. "Yes, Mother."

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful friend...and Husband!

Anonymous said...

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