Wednesday, February 08, 2012

How to lower your blood pressure

At the end of the day- within a period of 45 minutes-

In two unrelated incidents I received notes from kids who forged their parents' signatures. I've dealt with one- I have the other to look forward to tomorrow.

I was nearly rear-ended while stopping for a school bus.

My blood pressure was up at the end of the day. (before the near vehicle miss) Teacher friends noticed it in my complexion and way of being. I was taking deep breaths, thinking about our connectedness in the universe and what really matters. It was working minimally.

When I came home, this was on our back porch (we added the finer details after I came home- an exercise that also proved effective)

I've declared it a snow otter pup named Oscar.

A sure way to lower your blood pressure is be married to someone like Mr. Sophanne who clearly has a telepathic ability to know exactly what I need when I need it.


Roxie said...

Mr. Sophane is one in a million! give him a kiss on the nose from me.

kmkat said...

Mr. Snowman is adorable! And so is Mr. Sophanne!

Becky said...

Oh Oscar - it's perfect!

Cindy said...

He's a keeper!