Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 days! Wow, I missed me.

Ten days and 2 holidays have passed and I have not blogged. What's up with that. All is well. Just living life these days. I like a blog with pictures so I collected my favorites of Mr. Sophanne- an homage of sorts. I wonder if an homage on a blog is called a blomage.

Mr. Sophanne was not supposed to do the Valentine thing- every day is Valentine's day with him and I'm not just paying lip service. He makes my lunch for me every day for crying out loud!

I made a visit to Aunt of Sophanne and we went to the casino and to lobserfest and it was great fun.

I yelled at some teachers over the intercom and told them they were giving me excuses like their students would give regarding a fire drill kerfluffle. Much to my surprise, we're all still friends. Mr. Sophanne says that probably since I never ever show the slightest bit of irritation that they took it seriously when I did.

I have a student teacher who is competent and teaching almost all of the classes which gives my brain time to breathe.

We've been walking the dog at the river and she has been a happy useless pile of dog in the evenings.

I'm in a bit of a knitting blah moment. I'm not really committed to anything except for laughing with everyone at knit night. Knit night might be taking a pottery painting field trip this Thursday. The boys are invited. Mr. Sophanne has agreed to come and play as long as there is another spouse there. We'll see.


Roxie said...

Ohhh, pottery painting is SUCH fun! And Mr. Sophane is a prize!

A happy pile of useless dog. Love that! So apt.

Jane said...

Missed you!

Janet said...

I missed you & your humor. Mr. Sophanne is obviously deserving of a blomage. (I've put out some new slides while you were 'gone' - there are some wonderful hats.)