Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lunchtime Conversations

Conversation overheard at lunchtime last week- slightly condensed for ease of read.

"So, those horses I pass on the drive here, what kind are they?"

"Those are Clydesdales. In fact, you'll often see Amish people at the farm buying them. They get their horses from that guy but they don't like it that he cuts their tails."

"Oh, my dog has had her tail cut."

Me: Yea, but the horse tails grow back.

"My dog's tail didn't grow back, how can that be?"

I was so dumbfounded, I had no reply.

I told Mr. Sophanne about it and he said, "It's like someone cutting your hair versus someone cutting off your head."

This would be a lot funnier if it had been a conversation that took place between first graders and not between a special ed and a gifted teacher.


Jane said...

Would love to have been the fly on the wall! :)

kmkat said...

I am hoping it was not the gifted teacher that had the dog.

Roxie said...

For Dressage, the trainers break the horses' tail, shave them, and strap them into a contraption that holds them straight up, with a tail wig sort of thing that sweeps the ground. The things we do to animals is barbaric.Then I think about the things we do to ourselves (foot binding, tattoos, piercings,) and think maybe the animals have the best of it.

Some people leave their mouth running with the brain disengaged.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's too bad/funny...

My fave was a few days ago when after the safety demo on the plane, a young man stopped my coworker and said I can't believe that you give people oxygen - you know it makes them high. Uh. He looked at the dude and said well it also makes them alive and explained about altitude and time of useful consciousness. I'd have just laughed, so I'm glad he didn't ask me.