Tuesday, June 28, 2011


about that last post. If you have any sense of real art, you'll realize it was akin to a 5 year old drawing stick figures. One new commenter, Jane, said to hang in there. I visited her blog and saw the possibilities-holy crap it's some cool cool stuff. If you've got extra time, go visit her.

In news about something I actually CAN do, Queen Anne's Lace has found a home. No longer does it hang dolefully on my work lamp.

Instead I gave it to knitnightruth- you may remember her from the early days when she wore a pre-felted hat on her head. Bonus points to the dedicated reader who can find that post since I never put keywords or tags in any of my posts. Anyway- Ruth does things like go to shows and the opera. She will have occasion to wear such a garment. She was also the generous donator of the cool electric monopoly game the summer I took those kids to NYC (again-bonus points if you can find that post but fewer because I actually know what time of year that happened) Long Live the Queen as I named the project on Ravelry couldn't have a better home.


vanfox23 said...

more power to you on the photo shop thing. I gave up on it :( the shawl is beautiful!

Roxie said...

Oooh, lucky, lucky woman to get that gorgeous shawl!