Saturday, June 11, 2011

Proof positive

that Mr. Sophanne is awesome. The dishwasher opens fully while the oven is closed. Also the overhead light fixture in Aunt of Sophanne's bedroom is replaced. And I got to see my precious puppy who was too frazzled by Mac the Scottish Terrier (does that make it any better Cindy? I'm guessing not) to really notice me. They don't snap but Mac is like the younger brother Liza never wanted.


JelliDonut said...

These things are all very important, especially the dog stuff. That is the most important!

Cindy said...

Better? Nah. Different, though;-P Mr. Sophanne certainly does rock. You're a lucky girl!!!

Roxie said...

It's SO good to have a handy man!!

Love the description of the little brother she never wanted!

Aunt of Sophanne is no doubt discovering the universe of things that are impossible to do one-handed. She has my profound sympathy! At least I broke my non-dominant wrist. I can still brush my own teeth. Holding you both in my thoughts with all good vibes and prayers.