Friday, June 24, 2011

The Library

There are many sites in the Burg of Wayne that defy even the most artistic photographer. It tries to pull off lovely and quaint but there is often an undefined layer of grimy gravely cheap cement-like quality to many areas of town.

Not so with the Eva K. Bowlby Library. In my mind it's one of the classiest places in town. And I always forget about it.

The front
Looking forward and left upon entering
Looking backward and left upon entering
Magazine reading room to the right upon entering

The stacks are in a newer addition of the building back and to the right of the entrance. Often there is a small portable rolling shelf that has culled books for sale. These shelves and a need for a strong book prompted my visit.

There is an OSX daily newsletter with all things/tricks/news apple that I receive via email. Today's contribution offered a way to make your own discrete ipad book case" The rolling bookshelf was not on display and I'm guessing I can find a suitable book at the next flea market. The idea did remind me of the library and I picked up some books to read that I may or may not share later.

The thing I've always find interesting about libraries is that you can borrow books about stuff that you would never normally read. The biography of Winston Churchill, a book about raccoons, how to draw Chinese characters, etc.

The activities of the last few weeks have left my back strongly protesting anything that requires moving. I thought maybe I was just building some muscles but after the spasm yesterday I realized that maybe I should pause for a little while. (it also means that there are shelves of books that I didn't look at because they were too low on the stacks) This afternoon's trip to the library will make pausing myself a little more interesting for the next day or two.

The two dogs in my house are experiencing no such aches and pains of summer vacation as can be evidenced by the short video clip below.


Sunshine said...

when i try to view the video it says the video is private. can't see it

vanfox23 said...

I love that classy!