Monday, November 23, 2009

Today, the ocean.

I am at the ocean today. The waves come in and the waves go out. They do not stop. I think that is amazing.

It was a 12 hour journey from home to here. LizaJane is a traveling dog. She is also a beach dog. Neither pictures nor words can accurately reveal the joy she expressed when she figured out it was the ocean and the beach.

Many birds are bigger than her and she leaves them alone. The ocean is bigger than her and she leaves it alone.

She is content to follow the many dog tracks in the sand. She is baffled by the vast number of times Mr. Sophanne or I say "wanna go for a walk?" I think the grand total yesterday was seven. happy dog.

There is a yarn store about 10 miles away called The Salty Sheep. I might feel like going there around Wednesday or so. For now I am happy to read, write, and knit.

Reading- KnitNightRuth gave me a book to read but I've yet to start it. Instead I am immersed in Russian Literature and rereading Crime and Punishment on the kindle. There is a newly published book of Russian short stories/fables/allegories called There once was a woman who tried to kill her neighbor's baby that I've been reading as well.

Writing- I also brought the book Writing Down The Bones and have, for at least the first beachday "freed the writer within."

Knitting- at the last minute I threw in an almost finished Noro BrooklynTweed scarf but other than that I brought only 2 lace knitting projects. Both are in Lorna's Helen's Lace. One is a cotton candy forest canopy shawl that is easily done without a pattern on size 2 needles.

The other is one that Margene at Zeneedle blogged about last week. The Juno Regina wrap. While the pattern for this can be found for free on, I am glad to have purchased the version that includes written directions- these directions mean I can go back and forth from the chart to the written directions and do not have to count the number of little knit boxes between the juicier bits.

Why yes, I did bring the camera and I have taken a few pictures- the coolest one so far (other than the happy dog photo) being of cotton on cotton plants. I hope believe however that the camera cord is on the dining room table at home. So much attention to detail nipped in the bud.

What I am not doing is- worrying about what's for dinner on Thursday, wondering how my elementary school holiday program will work itself out when I return, feeling guilty about everything I'm not doing in my home.


kmkat said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful time!

Jenn said...

I was amazed the first time I saw cotton on a plant. I knew where it came from and how it's harvested and processed but seeing it in person was like seeing tiny clouds on sticks.

The only thing Rufus enjoys about the beach is pooping on seaweed. That makes me sad.

Yarnhog said...

How lovely. I love to take the dogs to the beach and let them run while I watch the waves. Very soothing. (Of course, for me it's only a fifteen minute drive, so there's probably less awe involved.)

Carol said...

I am now officially jealous.

Lydee said...

that's awesome.