Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am a Baker.

And in the big world of culinary delights, that is enough. I didn't even post about the entire crockpot full of white chicken chilli that had to be thrown out because I cooked it with the absorbent stuff.

There is a retired cook at my school whose cinnamon rolls were perfection. She occasionally brings in a giant pan for teachers to share and if I see it first, I eat five, grab three for later and then only tell my closest friends that they are in the lounge. I would tell small lies to get more. Oh, I didn't know these were here... Nom nom.

Facebook friend Annie posted some that looked comparable. I pinned the recipe, bought some yeast and most importantly and most unusually, followed directions.


The results:






I am proudest of this last picture. I used yeast and it made a proper looking bread like food item.

As is often the case with posts about my cooking attempts, strangers to this site might be thinking "big deal," but everyone else knows what a small victory it is.


I'm tired of knitting hard things so I grabbed some Noro sock yarn and I'm doing this with it until I get bored or run out of yarn.




Becky said...

Not only do these look delicious, they also look GORGEOUS!! Bravo!

Sunshine said...

Yummmm! They look terrific!

Anonymous said...

I love cinnamon rolls! Well I like any baked good and there is currently 1/2 pound of butter softening on the counter to make some pound cake for snacking in these parts. I'd be a pastry chef if not for the awful hours.

Since you're having luck with yeast, let me know if you want to try a great hot cross bun recipe (hee! funny name). Of course you have to like raisins...

janna said...

They should use your pictures on the recipe page -- they're gorgeous! I love to bake, and used to bake all of our bread, back when I was married. I feel a pan of cinnamon rolls coming on this weekend!

Roxie said...

Oh the sinful joy of yeasty cinnamon rolls! My mouth is watering so hard it hurts.

Noro sock yarn? That's gonna be a gorgeous granny square!

kmkat said...

My mom used to bake rolls every weekend, one pan of sandwich rolls and one pan of cinnamon rolls. Yours look just like hers, except YOURS HAVE FROSTING. Sorry, I got a bit excited there.