Saturday, February 15, 2014

How is the weather?

It's snowing here. Four inches last night. Four the day before. It's an old fashioned snow piling up and not melting sort of winter. People complain. I nod my head and smile. I don't mind it.

HusbandBob and I shoveled our driveway this morning. The sun and temperature had not yet finished the job when HusbandBob had to walk down the driveway to where he parked his vehicle the night before.

He immediately began sliding. As he regained his balance, the bent knee pose looked to the dog like an invitation to play. I managed to discourage that but really did not know what to do next.

HusbandBob said "Hand Me The Shovel!" I must confess I was confused. I mostly wanted him to sit down and slide down. What the hell was he going to do with the shovel? Use it as a cane? That seemed silly.

I reached over, handed him the shovel, and stepped back. Then he said "grab the other end of the shovel." Again I was still confused but ok, you want me to hold the shovel too. Then in a Gene Wilder Young Frankenstein kind of way he said, "pull the shovel." I gave it a tug, still not grasping what he meant. "Pull me up with the shovel." Finally he was safe.

Later he said it was like he was a drowning man yelling "Throw me a rope!" And I did. It cracks me up so much because I can't believe how not getting it I was through the whole episode. All I need to make myself laugh today is the picture of him crouched like a slalom skier holding the shovel and looking at me wih incredulity.

Just in case you're here for the knitting, I whipped up these for the kids of BFFAmber. Knubbelchen on Ravelry.



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kmkat said...

I get a smile when I picture that shovel-slide-ice scene, too!