Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spots in front of your eyes?

Remember last month when I got all fancied up? I kind of liked the whole shellacked nails. BFFAmber and I went back for more today, and as there was no fancy dinner to attend, my fingers look like this:


I like to call it the measled finger look. Aunt of Sophanne pooh poohed the idea of true iridescent blue so when I tell her they are now pink, I think she'll be pleased. Until I tell her about the leopard spots.

Further updates on the cow.

  • Firstly, the owner was touched by your interest and concern. She (the owner) is none other than SecretarySandy at school.
  • There was no hiding twin calf JohhnyMoore (her husband) went in shoulder deep just to be certain. (yes, it's what you are picturing.)
  • If a cow is enjoying her favorite grain, she won't notice the 47 crushed aspirins.
  • Happily, this cow is no longer dropping to her side and did not need the aspirins.
  • Come to find that not all cows even do that while calving. This was her first one and I'm guessing it may have caught her a little by surprise.

In knitting news, the cuffs on the Streymore are finished. After misreading the pattern for four hours, emailing the designer, then figuring out what the problem was (after emailing, before he had a chance to answer) I am ready to start the colorwork. This frustration was not without tinking so as I continue I will be taking them off the double points and putting them back on the circulars. It always takes me an extra few minutes to think of that word, circulars, sometimes I just call them "needles with wires connecting them."



kmkat said...

1. Those over a certain age do not necessarily appreciate oddly colored and enhanced fingernails. Haven't decided if I am over that age or not; however, I truly admire those who wear them. Just like those with tattoos.
B. Based on the cartoons posted in various vet's offices I have visited over the years, immersing one's arm up to the shoulder in the lady parts of a cow is a common but not entirely loved experience of the typical large animal vet.
iii. Yay for sweater sleeves and cuffs!

Becky said...

I never knew so much about cows! And now I know I never want one as a pet!

Also I like your fingers :)

Sunshine said...

like the dots!!!!