Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Shall I write about the weather? Maybe not.

Instead I'll write about inspiration. Before I do, I must report that while the boiling worked better than the high efficiency washer, it did not work as well as the low efficiency washer. He has removed the initial pair of slippers and combined the last two pairs and seems to be satisfied. Next year I will have to try something else.

This week's polar vortex and accompanying snow days has been a grand opportunity for the wearing of knitted items. Right now I am under the covers wearing the Alaskan Serial Killer Sweater.


Over that is an EZ shawl collared vest in cascade marled ecowool. (My first steeked project)


On my feet are two mismatched socks that don't have holes worn in them. Why let them go to waste?

And I finally got to wear this doublemassa without my head exploding from the heat. And now it has a pomPOM. Yippee!


On the needles is another EZ shawl collared vest. This is the best picture I could get and still stay under the covers. It's in Lamb's Pride and I'm hoping I have enough wool though I've got a good plan for the shawl collar if I don't.


The following events have transpired to create the next bit of knitting adventure.

  • The cold weather
  • Three snow days in row
  • Amazon Prime streaming video
  • Discovering the tv series Grimm.
  • Falling in love with Monroe's sweaters on said series.
  • Loving the simplicity of steeking.
  • Cruising Ravelry
  • Jimmy Bean's wool website accepting Paypal as payment.

Some time next week delivery will be made (3 skeins each) of chocolate and beige Cascade EcoWool and I will be casting on Todd Gocken's Streymoy. (This picture belongs to him.)


After the initial excitement, I'll have the sleeves and about four inches of the body finished and it will be thrown into the UFO pile for some months. I'm guessing you can expect it to be finished around January of 2016. But you never know. I did that cable sweater in record time.



kmkat said...

Remind me why that first sweater is named the Alaskan Serial Killer Sweater. It must be a good story.

kmkat said...

I meant to add, Do you have a friend with a front-loader washing machine who would let you use it to felt something? I have done this in the past for a friend.

Roxie said...

Isn't Monroe a sweetie? SUCH a Portland boy! Knit on and love the Grimm!

Anonymous said...

What up with ASKS? It's pretty and not at all deadly.

I like that patterned sweater. Maybe you'll have lots of cold weather and make some major progress before spring?

Every time I lay over in Reno I am tempted to rent a car and drive to Jimmy Beans and storm the castle (so to speak). I've not yet done so but I think it may happen yet.