Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sleeves in Progress.


This is how much one can accomplish after starting over one last time and then having four snow days. It is slow going. Every now and then I arrange the yarn so that I don't have to immediately untangle it after the first row. I will be so happy that they are both done. Feel free to remind me of that.


These are pictures of my knee. An MRI machine took them. Unlike many (brother of HusbandBob had to be knocked out), I thought getting an MRI was pretty cool. I felt like I was in some Star Trek emergency room. (The one from the 1960's- anything more recent wouldn't sound like what I believe an iron lung must sound like.)

If they're too blurry, I'll just tell you, I have a torn MCL. Not as serious as an ACL as it heals itself a little better. I got it by slipping and then sliding on black ice a few weeks ago. At the urging of concerned colleagues, I got it looked at. I'm happy to know no cartilage was damaged and now I have what I like to pretend is a bionic knee brace with hinges.

The bonus of snow/wind chill advisory days off of school is that I didn't have to miss any school to have this taken care of. The planets aligned.

It's not looking good for school tomorrow and there's said to be more snow on the way for the beginning of next week. I believe I am physiologically conditioned to love the thought of snow days. Because really, I love my job this year and don't feel that pressing urge not to go. It's very peculiar.

The new shawl collared vest has been put to great use. Again, thank you aligning planets, as I was certain the polar vortex phenomena would end as soon as it was complete. Also, what is the plural of vortex? Vortices?



Becky said...

You're doing two sleeves at once!! Together they're like half a sleeve, that's progress!

I love snow days, and I too love my job. I don't get it either, most of the time I'm just shoveling snow and then being bored, but it's always exciting!

kmkat said...

Vortices, bingo! Give yourself a gold star.

Glad the knee will be healing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the knee! I hope you're healing well and keeping off of it when you can.

We have no snow days in California. I would be sad, but I hate snow and cold and black ice. Be well.

Roxie said...

Hooray for the bionic knee-brace. And hooray for the shawl-collared vest! This is one SERIOUS winter! You will love that new sweater when it's done.