Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Joy in Mudville


The garden is in a sad state of affairs. All that was once planted was shredded by the hail. We are in mourning. We shall return but I'm not going to put any time into it (other than removing rocks) until there are two non-raining days in a row and school is out. In the mean time- I'll keep hoeing.


The Effortless sweater is finished and needs a photoshoot. It's enormous but I love it and it has already been warn more than some other sweaters I knit years ago. It's always at hand and my go to cover up. I stayed with all one color.

With the maroon Elsbeth Lavold I am making a second "Queen Anne's Lace" by MMario. It's much easier the second time around and with bigger yarn/needles. It has the potential to be of GIGANTIC PROPORTIONS.


My principal (who I really do like a lot) scheduled a big picnic on June 2 at a nearby park. He (with the help of the cooks) has planned the food and will be in charge of making sure everyone gets fed.

The physed teacher (chicken Bob anyone?) has offered up some activities (but no real organization because sadly, I don't think he can) as have others-

This includes a disgusting "fill a baby pool with water and marbles and let kids pick them up with their toes." I'm pretty sure that event is not going to clear the safety committee (of which I am chair.)

The art teacher, librarian and I were proactive in our participation. Art teacher and librarian will be painting faces while I entertain and sing camp songs as kids wait.(*see song list below-add any I may have forgotten) We've insisted on a shady pavillion as a work space.

All seems well and good on the surface except...

There is no schedule for the day. No rotation. No adults to get the stations going. Just go to the park and see what happens and he'll grill hot dogs. The principal was once a junior high principal and just yet can't see how this may be a problem.

"Hey 360+ kids- let's all have recess together!"

*A ram sam sam
Crawdad song
Dr. Eisenbart
Don gato
Take you ridin in my car car
You are my sunshine
I’ve been working on the railroad
On top of Spaghetti
He’s got the whole world (g)
We come from the Mt.
She’ll be coming round the Mt.
I Love the Mt. (G Em Am D) w/capo
Oh SusannahBingo
The Bear went over the Mt.
There’s a hole in the bucket
My BonnieIf you’re happy and you know it
The More we get together
I am slowly going crazy


Sunshine said...

Michael Row your Boat Ashore?

Becky said...

Ha ha, I was thinking to myself "a ram sam sam... I wonder if anyone else has ever heard of that?" And it's on the top of your list.

I still regularly get that song stuck in my head. I don't know how I know it, and the only part I know is "a ram sam sam." It haunts me.

Becky said...

The curse is broken! Thanks for the lyrics :)

Roxie said...

How about filling a baby pool with sawdust, letting grownups fling in quarters, and letting kids dig for them? The quarters will mostly settle to the bottom of the pool, and at the end of the day, the picnic committee is ahead by a dollar or so. I've seen this done at an old-time festival, and it was great entertainment until the kids start flinging sawdust at each other.

As for songs, "Gee ma, I wanna go home" is fun, but even more fun if you can get other folks to participate. ("The biscuits in the lunch room/ they say are mighty fine/ One rolled off a table/ and killed a pal of mine -- oooh, I don't want no more of school time life! Gee ma, I wanna go home!") Of course, since people make up verses as they go, some of the parents might start snickering and blushing because there are some hysterically funny, filthy versions out there.

Anonymous said...

Lol! We had a field day event this year (and I am not making this up) called whack a noodle. Basic free for all mele with aquatic noodles. In my head, I think, "Have you met our students?" So happy I wasn't in charge of that one. I'm always partial to Waddly A Cha (or however that's spelled.)