Friday, May 27, 2011

T.V Season ending got you down?

Never fear... blog season at beckyknitstoo is just starting up. And while I may not be as exciting as t.v., I don't have commercials and I don't cost $130 a month. You also don't have to go through a 2 hour telephone menu to cancel. I love summer vacation and it's so close I can taste it.

Todays episode- the Dog Walk (which will likely be a returning episode)

Usually on our walks you see this if you look down:

And this if you look up:

We walk at the Greene County Fairgrounds. On a normal day we'll see some horses, cats and an occasional groundhog. When the flea market is in full swing (Tuesday and Saturday mornings) there will be a plethora of knick-knacky junk and Bonnie the dog that occasionally antagonizes Liza (though that girl-o-mine has learned Bonnie's on a leash and her owner lost a few customers last week when he paid more attention to trying to rile Liza than selling his baskets)

This weekend there appears to be a dressage competition at the fairgrounds. The good news is that the camera was in the car. The bad news is that my Kinnearing skills are limited and blurry at best.

Standard dressage fare is easily recognizable. Once you see it you say "oh.. that's what that's called."

More than one rider had a 1940's gangster look to their outfits

this is the one picture that really disappointed me- that horse was gorgeous

and then there is the guy going for the "Columbo" look. At first I thought maybe he was a judge but the contestant number on his back suggests otherwise. Given the weather we've been having he was most appropriately dressed.

We have four more days with kids and then four more days with just teachers and then summer 2011 begins.... stay tuned.


Cindy said...

It may BE summer, but it looks about as summery there as it is here.

Anonymous said...

$130 a month? Ouch! It's $108/month at our MInneapolis house for cable TV AND internet. No cable here in the woods, though.

Fun to see the horses!

vanfox23 said...

I wish I would have known that was going on...I love watching dressage. It's fascinating what they can get those horses to do! I'm so excited summer is here, too!