Sunday, May 08, 2011

Garden update

Things are moving along nicely- May 15th is our "freeze date" so we are hoping to get things planted next weekend. In the meantime, a little paint brightens things up. I'm planning on putting a "no bunnies allowed" on the front of the gate.

The puppy practices searching for the bunnies. Always on the look-out.

And here is a bunny's eye view of things to come.
I wonder if they feel the same way people in our 'burg do when we find
out there's a new box store coming to town.
...and they'll have lettuce, and tomatoes, and green beans...


Mountain Mama said...

How exciting!

Marie said...

My eggplant goes into the ground tomorrow.

Sippy said...

Sophaunt says!
You aare such a great blogger!!!