Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a garden and then some post

We've got some badassmofo rocks in our garden- behold the evidence.

Mr. Sophanne went to the nursery-- peppers, tomatoes (there were several kinds but I didn't pay attention) and cucumbers There is some bibb lettuce that seems to have survived the hail.

I'm not sure about the corn- I'll give it another week to either die or grow.

Most exciting find of the day was this little potater plant

Lesson of the day- when the whirlygigs fall into your garden from the maple(?) tree, be sure to remove them when you can or else you will have maple trees growing in the garden.

Unrelated to gardening lesson of the day- Salty Chocolate day is a WIN. Things go much faster in the afternoon when you have a nice chocolate rush! I considered myself "armed and dangerous."

The most poignant part of the day- holy crap- that woman from Missouri whose husband saved her life and died doing so in the tornado. Made the little typical spat Mr. Sophanne and I were having seem so absolutely meaningless. I'm thinking about her a lot tonight.


Sunshine said...

....and cucumbers???? yeah!!

Anonymous said...

You do have some serious rocks! Love the garden. Looking good. And, yes, the Joplin tornado is horrific. We're still getting stories here and some are so tragic, I just have to stop and cry. We are blessed, kiddle.

Roxie said...

Clearly you are underarmed. You need a bigger shovel.

We do tend to take life for granted, don't we? Got to remember to hug the ones we love while they're handy.